Mascara, Mascara Everywhere But Not A Drop That Delivers Its Promises!


Mascara is a funny one. We all know deep down that it is not going to deliver what it is promising but we still have that glimmer of hope that your next one could be the exception.

I am now going to make a shameful admission and take my Mum down with me. Recently we got all our mascaras out  and counted them. We had about twenty between us (this by the way is my personal mascara not my professional kit). We are mascara whores!!!  Fickle and loyal to no one type, we use and abuse not really taking time to build a relationship with one tube of dreams before another one catches our eye and we move on.

The advertising for mascara until quite recently has been very misleading. The ASA (Advertising Standards Authority) requested greater clarity on the  use of post production techniques in cosmetic advertisements. In April this year CAP(committee of Advertising Practice) and BCAP(Broadcast committee of Advertising Practice) produced a guide to help advertisers interpret the codes of practice set out by the ASA in relation to this type of advertising. This is what that advisory guide said about lashes:


The use of pre-production techniques such as styling, make-up, lash inserts, hair extensions etc. is acceptable without explicit disclosure provided such techniques do not mislead. The following are examples likely to mislead:

The use of lash inserts that are longer or thicker than the model’s natural lashes or that do more than replace damaged or missing lashes, unless it can be shown that the effect illustrated is achievable on the natural unadorned eyelash.

This means that advertisements must admit that lash inserts have been used in small print on the image so as not to mislead the consumer. Check this out next time you are gazing, memorised at some models lashes that look as thick as tree trunks.

 Now we have the straight talking bit over I am going to talk about some of the mascaras I have had longer romances  with over the years. Do not expect me to feel the same way in three months time, but they are all of a worthy standard to recommend!

Max Factor masterpiece Max

This is a reliable, reasonably priced product that does not clog and really enhances the lashes. It beats most of the expensive brands hands down and I always go back to this one after I have had a brief fling with another brand! Comes in black,black/brown and blue. Retails at about £9.99

 Why are these mascaras starting to sound like men, is it because they are full of promise but never quite deliver or is it because we cannot live without them! I would love some feedback on that question from the women of wisdom who read my blog.

Loreal Lash Architect 4D

This is a recent purchase and I really like the effect. It claims to volumise, curl, texturise and lengthen and I think it does that but what I particularly like is that you can get a nice intense evening look very quickly and easily due to the brush design. It also seems to keep lashes supple, not hard and stiff. Comes in brown or black. Retails about £10.99.

Clarins Wonder Perfect Mascara

Available in blue, brown and black this formulation has a high concentration of pigment which does make for a nice line at the base of the lashes It thickens from root to tip and curls. This mascara delivers on all levels and I think you will like the result. The one thing I would say is that it does seem to recreate over and over again when you are removing it which is probably due to the pigment density so it is a little more time-consuming to remove. Retails at about £19.00.

Clarins double Fix Mascara

I had no idea about this product until I attended a make up training course last year and the teacher recommended it. This fab little product is used over the top of any mascara to 100% waterproof it and means you do not have to wear waterproof all the time. It is clear in colour and can be used as a brow groomer or a glossy, clear mascara. Retails at about £16.00. 

Model Co Fibre Lash Brush On False Lashes

This product seemed to be getting some buzz around it last week so I nipped into Boots and it was being heavily promoted round the store with posters and a dedicated end of aisle spot. The products celebrity clout comes from the beautiful Danni Minogue complete with awesome, mile long tree trunk eyelashes. I scrutinised the promo photograph and it said in small print, FOR CONSISTENCY SHOT WITH ADDITIONAL LASH INSERTS. Consistency? That is a new way of putting it!  Anyway, When I got to the till my heart sank a little to see £35.00 come up on the self scan till but I continued in the name of research.

 This product has two tubes, one that contains a white fibrous candy floss textured product that you brush on first followed by what would seem to be a very average black mascara and then you do the candy floss again and repeat with the black mascara. It does give a very strong look and in profile does look impressive but it is not as sleek as false lashes but comes somewhere in between heavy mascara and false lashes. I am going to keep practicing and maybe give you an update in the future.The price tag is a bit dubious to me and I do not think it is worth it. Maybe other product houses will do a copy at a cheaper price  and that would be the time to give it a whirl. Only available in black at present. Retails at £35.00.


I would love your opinion if anybody else has tried this product.  


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  1. hi – love the blog! love the straight talking and have never ever had rubbish advice from you!

    i have never been involved with one before so bear with me!
    mascara – after having had several rather painful but usually stupid things bashed into my eyes over the years i have had cause to visit eye a&e at the hospital – these trips were really informative re eye health because as well as repairing (apple branch etc scratch damage) one thing shone through- NEVER MIND HOW MUCH YOU PAY FOR THE MASCARAS – ditch the open ones after a few weeks and use a new one, as bacteria builds up on them – yes- even the poshest ones. and if you have any little eye problem it can be exacerbated by poking a brushful of bacteria into it! so my advice is to be a mascara brand tart- buy lots of different kinds and brands-use them-enjoy them all and fling them happily into the bin after a few weeks!
    then enjoy shopping for the next ones.

  2. Love the blog. So glad to know the truth about the adverts. It drives me mad! The mascaras never ever live up to it. Willl try the Max Factor – but I swear by Maybelline. Some are great, others not so good.

  3. So good to read about another mascara whore!!! I have been a quest for years to try and find a mascara that doesn’t run on both my mum and me but have failed miserably. The only thing that ever worked was the Benefit Shelac lacquer when put on after mascara. The poor lady at the Benefit counter at Boots didn’t know what to do when she experienced my panic on hearing the news that they have stopped making it and have bought out a wonder mascara…. ‘They’re real’. Probably the best I have tried but still runs. Any idea’s as I have been informed that fake eyelashes would make me too high maintenance after the facials and gellish nails?!!!

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